As a credit-worthy individual with strong income and a solid rental history, you should reap the benefits for your responsible behavior – not be lumped in a general pool of less-than-desirable apartment seekers.

Or spend countless hours searching Craiglist for a place that not only meets your criteria (price, metro-accessibility, pet-friendless), but also isn’t managed by a shady landlord.

Luckily, many condo owners look to rent their privately-owned units to people like you – and they’ve outsourced those efforts to a real estate brokerage.

Because these owners are renting their own condos, they often come with nicer amenities.

And, they’re often willing to negotiate in a way that large apartment buildings cannot due to “policy.”

We help you find these people and these properties.

Then, with our insanely efficient renter process, we cut through the red-tape while you sit back and let us handle the negotiation and application process.